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Red-haired femme fatale skilled in flirt dance will enthral you with sensual glances from behind her favourite fire fans. Apart from these, she also performs with fire poi, palm candles and a fire orb. When on stage, her dance brings out the untamed emotions hidden inside every human being.


An accomplished juggler who chooses to perform with single or double fire staffs as well as with fire poi. In his solo acts, he uses expressive and dynamic elements of modern dance; when performing in tandem, he incorporates contact improvisation, tango and acrobatics.


A queen of modern arts, Dana has mastered the mystical palm candles dance as well as the advanced techniques of fire fans and a fire staff. As opposed to other members of the group, who include elements of dance into their performances, she focuses on a theatrical aspect of her acts. She will leave you either shaken or amused, depending on her own desires.

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