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NEW! Light show

Due to popular demand, we also added a light show to the list to complement the conventional performances with fire. Unlike them, the light show is perfect for indoor events, but it can also bring a whole new level to an event happening outside. It is set to elegant instrumental music with contemporary elements and it includes LED poi, LED isis wings or a special ribbon to light up the venue with all the colours there are. How many does that mean? Take a guess.

Swing on fire

Let us take you on a journey back to the old times when all blokes used to be gentlemen and when suffragists finally won the rights for women to vote. The time of vivid dresses and loose manners. Come and visit a daring show backed by swing and electro-swing music! In a show which includes fire staffs, fire fans, fire poi, spark poi or pyrotechnics, the 1920s burlesque is replaced with the true magic of the flames.

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21st century fire show

Have you ever heard about modern classic music? It sounds like an oxymoron, but in fact, it stands for an appealing combination of classical music with contemporary elements. And we simply added a tiny drop of fire to the mix. While listening to instrumental covers of Michael Jackson or Iron Maiden, to a modern take on Bach or to original pieces by modern performers, you will experience a show like no other. The performance includes fire fans, poi or double staff, and it concludes with monumental special effects and pyrotechnics.

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Fantasy/mystery fire show

What fire arts performance group would we be if we weren’t inspired by dark middle ages? But a performance like that has become such a cliché these days… We decided to take a different spin on the age-old theme and invented a brand-new concept to the middle-ages-themed fire show. Does that sound too vague to you? Try it out and let yourself be taken aback by the magical vibe of stories never told. Moreover, the performance has several different layouts for you to choose from to fit to your event – dark and mystical, cheery and vibrant or a high-seas corsair adventure.

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Performance specifications

Performance duration: 7 to 15 minutes, depending on your demands

Number of performers: 2 to 4 by default, can be modified in cooperation with other fire artists

Our performances are tailored for open-air venues (usually on grass, tarmac, concrete or tiled floor), although it is possible to perform in interiors as well. We use recorded music on USB drivers and therefore strong loudspeakers need to be provided on location. However, it is also possible to perform to live music on if-needed basis.

Short performances

Members of Carpe Noctem can liven up your event or the atmosphere in your facility by several solitary performances of two to three-minute length, which are suitable as breaks in between other program.

Custom-made performances

Are you looking for a show like no other? Please contact us and we will prepare a performance tailor-made for you only. In order to invent such brand new fire show, we require at least a month notice; short performances can be organized in a matter of days.

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